Sogese buys new cold storage containers and keeps on its fleet renewal policy

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Sogese has been leasing and selling movable cold rooms since the 90s as an effective support to factories refrigerated warehouses dedicated to the storage of perishable and thermo sensitive goods and materials. Usually, the new implementation of a static cold room carries on several technical and bureaucratic problems such as the need for public permissions and space availability but remarkably the company will also bear huge fixed costs that will have to be mitigated through the full utilization of the new facility productive capacity over the time that’s unlikely to occur when markets are unstable, especially in the long term. Idea Freddo movable cold rooms are versatile and modular, they only need to be plugged to electricity and the lease allows an exclusive use only for the required period without further fixed costs. Idea freddo movable cold rooms are available in different dimensions and with temperature performance within a range of +40° and -40°. Sogese, which is the owner of the brand Idea Freddo, every year invests a great portion of the investment budget in the renewal of the fleet as on a top quality product may guarantee the highest performance. This year, more then 50 Idea Freddo units, have been purchased and gradually they are going on lease to serve new and existing customers.


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