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In the last few months, SOGESE has started a partnership with IAAD University in Turin to improve the and design of the HOME CONTAINER containerized housing solutions.

The HOME CONTAINER line provides containerized housing solutions. The comfortable and welcoming sensations when entering in an HOME CONTAINER housing unit is the same perceived when entering in a traditional house, where the habitable parts are harmoniously comprehensible of a nightspot, a living area, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with shower.

However, the most evident benefit is the possibility to use shipping ISO STANDARD containers as the bearing structure. In fact, this allows home container to be eligible for the intermodal shipping as any other shipping container and to benefit from the same intermodal facilities, optimizing the costs of transit and relocation.

The partnership with IAAD provided SOGESE with the necessary support to pinpoint the importance of some technical elements that, once applied in the various HOME CONTAINER housing solutions, can facilitate the psychological recovery of the trauma suffered by people who have lost their homes as a result of catastrophic events.

Colors, finishes, shapes and the rationalization of spaces through intelligent furnishing solutions, explained the IAAD, may affect the psychological impact of traumatized people by relieving the anxiety caused by the loss of their homes.


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